RJ Cyler Already Has Ideas For Billy In 'Power Rangers' Sequel

The Power Rangers reboot has yet to officially get a sequel, but that doesn't keep RJ Cyler from envisioning what he wants to see in one.

Cyler played Billy, the Blue Ranger, and received substantial praise from fans and critics for his performance. While fans and those involved wait for a green light for a sequel, Cyler revealed how his character will grow and change if it ever does happen.

“Billy will definitely be the same Billy, but he’ll be more comfortable because he’s got friends who got his back,” Cyler told Inverse. “Billy has something else to do other than blow stuff up. He doesn’t just have science, he has Jason and Zack and Kimberly. In the second movie, you’ll definitely see more of a confident person. He’ll be more strong of a person.”

Cyler's take on Billy resonated in part because of how he handled the character's autism, or more specifically, the way he chose not to handle it.

“He doesn’t have tics," Cyler said. "People take on that view of people with autism, that they’re not normal, I feel like that’s the most ignorant thing. So I wanted to be so far away of what people thought being on the spectrum [was like]. I wanted to be honest.”

That wasn't the only thing that surprised fans regarding Billy's performance either. Many got a shock when the character unexpectedly died later in the film. Though he does return, Cyler remembers very vividly the moment he was told about that sequence.

"I mean, well, Dean already kind of forewarned me," Cyler told ComicBook.com. "He was like, "Now, RJ, I'm going to tell you, you die." And I was like, "WHAT?!" He was like, "No, no, no, but you come back!" I was like, "Oh, okay! Alright." But, I think when it comes to that, with Billy dying, I think the reaction - My reaction was like, alright, cool. You know, okay, you can't kill a character in the first movie if you don't have nothing more, you know? So I knew he was going to come back."

Hopefully, fans will get to see even more of Cyler as the Blue Ranger in the future.


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