'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Star Brent Spiner Comments on Data Mark Zuckerberg Memes

Earlier this year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress. Certain Star Trek fans realized that Zuckerberg has a passing resemblance to Data, the android played by Brent Spiner in Star Trek: The Next Generation. TMZ caught up with Spiner in Malibu and asked what he thought of the Zuckerberg as Data meme that sprung up around the hearings. Spiner says he just doesn't see it.

“I’ve seen the memes,” Spiner says. “I don’t see it really, no. You know, he stays out of the sun obviously, so do I. Other than that, I don't really see the resemblance.”

Zuckerberg was brought before the Senate and the House of Representatives in April to respond to questions and concerns about the privacy of Facebook users’ data.

While there were plenty of jokes and memes about Zuckerberg's performance, Star Trek fans honed in on how Zuckerberg’s appearance, demeanor, and mannerisms reminded them of Data. Here’s one meme that transforms the Facebook CEO into Data, renaming him “Mr. Data Accumulator.”

Lt. Commander Zuck in court after his plan to study humans in greater detail backfires from r/pics

The image was created by Reddit user EvanOfTheYukon and was uploaded with the title “Lt. Commander Zuck in court after his plan to study humans in greater detail backfires.” More jests can be found in the Reddit comments, with one fan referring to Zuckerberg as “Mark Zuckerborg” in reference to the robotic race of aliens known as the Borg who served as antagonists in several classic Star Trek stories.

Redditors weren’t the only ones to notice Zuckerberg’s resemblance to Mr. Data. Writer Matthew Teague posted a side-by-side of Zuckerberg and Data to Twitter.


“Mark Zuckerberg’s manner has always reminded me of someone, but I could never quite grasp hold of it,” Teague Tweeted. “Just now it hit me, watching him testify about data.”

What do you think of these Mark Zuckerberg Data memes? Do you see the resemblance that Spiner doesn't? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!