Alex Kurtzman on If He Would Return for a Future 'Star Trek' Film

The future of the Star Trek movie franchise may be unclear, but at least one major player is up [...]

The future of the Star Trek movie franchise may be unclear, but at least one major player is up for another go at it.

Alex Kurtzman, the Star Trek: Discovery co-creator and executive producer who co-wrote and produced 2009's Star Trek reboot and sequel Star Trek Into Darkness, says that he'd be open to returning to the film side of the Star Trek franchise is

"Sure, if the circumstances were right, sure," Kurtzman told Trek Movie. "I'll do anything with J.J. [Abrams]. Anything he asks me, I will do it. I will commit right now"

"Here is what I can tell you. I have now been fortunate enough to be involved with Star Trek for almost 10 years and I feel in each version, whether people agreed with what we did or not, I know we did it out of love and we were protecting what we believed to be the integrity of Star Trek," Kurtzman said. "And the minute that is over, is the minute I don't want to be involved with Star Trek anymore. So, if J.J., great. If it were someone else and I felt that we were able to do that, that is our job and our responsibility as the people who are working on Star Trek is to hold on to and carry that legacy in the right way."

As things stand now, there may not be a Star Trek film for Kurtzman to return to. A fourth Star Trek reboot movie set in the Kelvin Timeline was announced by Paramount Picture ahead of the theatrical release of Star Trek Beyond. The film would have brought back Chris Hemsworth as George Kirk, the father of Captain James T. Kirk.

However, Star Trek Beyond's box office wasn't what the studio was hoping for, and Paramount has gone silent on the project ever since. According to star Karl Urban, he knows about as much as the fans do.

"You know as much as I do, my friend," Urban said in an interview. "Listen, we'd all love to make another Star Trek movie. That's absolutely certain. But if we don't get that opportunity then I'm really happy to have ended on such a good note. We had such a wonderful time shooting Star Trek Beyond. It was an amazing experience — and we're all still grieving over the fact that it was the last time that we got to shoot with Anton [Yelchin]. We're all like a family. It won't be the same without him."