'Star Trek' Gets Multiple April Fools' Day Jokes

Yesterday was April Fools' Day and it seems that the tradition persists in the Star Trek universe, or at least it does among companies that have procured the Star Trek license for merchandise.

Several such licensors released amusing Star Trek-themed April Fools' Day gag products. The first of them ended up on the front page of the official Star Trek website.

Star Trek Klingon Alphabet Fridge Magnets

ThinkGeek offered a set of Klingon Alphabet Fridge Magnets, perfect for teaching children the basics of the Klingon language.

Here is the product description offered by ThinkGeek:

"We're going to give you a little peek behind the curtain here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ: we occasionally receive a product that has an error on it. Nothing special there; these things happen in any retail production environment, right? See, the trick is that our errors tend to be ones only we (and you, our awesome customers) would notice. For instance, sometimes they mess up the Tengwar. Or they accidentally screenprint Aurebesh backwards. Or they misspell the name of the Klingon homeworld.

So it was only natural that we'd eventually come up with something like these Star Trek Klingon Alphabet Fridge Magnets. They're an approachable teaching tool, whether you're a Klingon toddler or an adult human ThinkGeek manufacturer. Based on KLI pIqaD, these oversized colorful magnets shaped like letters from the Klingon alphabet make learning fun. They stick to any magnetic surface, whether that's your fridge or your ship's hull. And this set contains the entire alphabet, with multiples for the more frequently used, plus a few apostrophes. Why delay? Start learning Klingon today!"

You can see the product video above.

Eaglemoss Cloaked Klingon Bird-of-Prey

Eaglemoss is a British company known for its large line of collectible Star Trek starship models. On April Fools' Day, they revealed their next big ship release, the cloaked Klingon Bird-of-Prey

Take a look for yourself:

Star Trek Online Dab Emote

Star Trek Online players who stopped by Deep Space Nine on April Fools' Day were treated to a hologram of Captain James Kurland, the space station's commanding officer, dabbing. Interacting with the hologram would grant players access to the dab emote, but also earn them the ire of Kurland, as seen in a message released via the Star Trek Online Twitter account:

Who had the best Star Trek April Fools' joke? Let us know in the comments!