'Star Trek: Discovery' Star Teases Dead Character's Return

The return of Star Trek: Discovery came with the sudden and unexpected death of a character. Now the actor who plays that character is hinting at a return.

SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery Season 1, Episode 10 "Despite Yourself" follow.

In "Despite Yourself," Lt. Ash Tyler killed Dr. Hugh Culber. Wilson Cruz, who plays Culber, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the death.

“I would be upset if I was watching, and I think we need to give people permission to be upset. It’s upsetting. It’s a disappointing moment,” Cruz says.

Culber is one-half of the Star Trek franchise's first gay couple. Cruz admits that adds an extra level of stress to the situation.

"I’m nervous because we are all aware of this trope throughout television which we continue to see LGBT characters, characters of color, and women killed off in very dismissive ways, and I want people to know that this is not that,” he says. “This is a chapter of this epic love story of these two characters. And this is science fiction. This is Star Trek. There are many possibilities.”

Cruz goes on to assure fans that this is not the end of Culber's story.

"What I can say is that I’ve been assured that this is a long, epic story, and I know where it’s going and I’m excited about telling that story," he says. "But in order for us to tell that story, this had to happen. We’re inviting people to go on this journey, and part of this journey is going to be magnificent and some of it is going to be disappointing. There is going to be glory and triumph and heartbreak, but we will come out of it at the other end better for it, I promise you. So go on the ride with us.


Showrunner Gretchen J. Berg suggested as much on the aftershow After Trek. Berg stated that Culber is not 100 percent dead. Director Jonathan Frakes left the matter open in the way he hinted at the death before the episode aired.

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