'Star Trek: Discovery' Star Teases Chapter Two Romance

Star Trek: Discovery kicked off the back half of its first season earlier this week. And according to one of the show's stars, some romance could be in the cards.

Shazad Latif was recently asked about the budding romance between his character, Ash Tyler, and Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green). As he hinted, the pair's relationship will take some sort of turn as Chapter Two progresses.

"I think there is." Latif revealed to GamesRadar. "I mean, we’ve got about seven more episodes to go, and it’s going to develop into something. Yeah."

But as Latif joked, Burnham and Tyler don't have a whole lot of options in terms of romantic dates, considering the layout of the USS Discovery.

"[The mess hall is] the only place you can go if you want to eat." Latif pointed out. "‘Do you want to go and eat?’ ‘Yeah, where?’ ‘The mess hall. Again.’ That’s the only place you can eat, really."

Aside from that, Latif suggested one way that the pair could spend some time together.

"A bit more dancing," Latif added, "and that’s about it."

Considering where things left off on Discovery's most recent episode, a potential romance between Burnham and Tyler could only get more complicated. "Despite Yourself" seemed to indicate that Tyler is actually the Klingon Voq, a fan theory that has been floating around for quite some time. While fans will have to wait and see exactly how that manifests, Latif seemed to previously hint at some version of it being true.


“I rarely read a lot of stuff online, but the publicists have been letting me know,” Latif said back in October. “It’s fun that there’s a lot of interest — that’s always a good thing. A lot of the theories are crazy. Some people have some stuff right, and some are way off. But it’s just good to see people interested.”

New Star Trek: Discovery episodes become available to stream Sundays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS All Access.