'Star Trek: Discovery' Cast, Showrunner Promise to Tie up Loose Ends of Canon in Season Finale

The final episode of Star Trek: Discovery’s second season is fast approaching, and the show still has some explaining to do as far as canon goes. The two-part finale began in part one of “Such Sweet Sorrow” and will conclude in this Thursday’s episode. The cast and creative team of the show remain confident that fans will be pleased with how they tie up all of those loose ends, as they told The AV Club on the red carpet at PaleyFest. “The Trek audience — and this is pretty much the case for any sci-fi audience — they’re highly intellectual, they’re highly intelligent, and they’re extremely loyal,” says Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays Cmdr. Michael Burnham. “And they love the franchise. It has meant so much to them in their lives and in their families. So that’s where they’re coming from. So for that reason, we really appreciate it.

“But we have certainly had to say over and over and over again that we will make everything make sense, that we are coming from the canon. That is our central nervous system. That is our spine. That is where everything comes from, and we will answer all of those questions. But it’s hard to ask people to trust you. You have to kind of show them something, right? And so we are tying all of those knots, we’re dotting all of those i’s and crossing all of those t’s and we will do that.”

Showrunner/co-creator Alex Kurtzman, who co-wrote the two-part finale, assures fans, “The first thing I will promise you is that we are totally aware of that and you will see us sync back around to where you expect to be, but not necessarily in the way that you expect it. And I think that that, that is one of the things, for me, that has always been the defining trait of Star Trek, is ‘How do you deliver the thing that you expect, that fans love, but how do you keep it fresh by always reinventing it just enough without breaking it?’ You have to keep making those bold choices to keep it relevant. And obviously when you do that you will always make controversial choices.”

Anthony Rapp, who plays Lt. Cmdr Stamets, adds, “I appreciate that the long-time fans are passionate. What I see is a lot of passion. What I keep asking from people is patience and trust. And one of the different things about our show is we're telling these long arcs of story. We’re not wrapping things up in one episode. So things like the way that Spock and Michael’s relationship is part of the fabric that’s continuing to be unfolded in this season and I feel very confident that by the end of this season all of these sort of dangling threads, if we’ve done our jobs, that the people that still have been a little worried about how it all fits together, I feel like we really close that circle.”

What do you think will happen in the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery? Let us know in the comments. New Star Trek: Discovery episodes become available to stream Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS All Access.



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