'Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises' Announced by WizKids

Its time for Star Trek fans to brush up on the rules of acquisition. WizKids has announced Star [...]

Its time for Star Trek fans to brush up on the rules of acquisition. WizKids has announced Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises, a new board game designed by Christophe Boelinger that will put players in the position of a Ferengi merchant on the Deep Space Nine space station.

Players will make deals for merchandise, both legal and illegal, in order to gain the greatest possible profit. Each player tries to climb the market ladder to achieve the rank of First Clerk.

Here's the description from WizKids:

In Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises, 3 to 8 players will buy and sell their wares, trying to monopolize one particular product in order to gain greater profit. However, once other Ferengi get those same items for sale, it becomes a matter of who's the better negotiator. Do you work together to gain the same profit, or do you agree to cooperate, then sell at a lower price to steal all the profit for yourself? Be wary of special action cards that can mess with your business and remember the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition in order to gain the most return for your investments.

Star Trek Galactic Enterprises WizKids

Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises is scheduled to release in June 2018. The game will be on display with a playable demo at the GAMA Trade Show in Reno, Nevada on March 13th or 14th during showroom hours.

Star Trek: Galactic Enterprises will be the latest addition to WizKids' line of Star Trek licensed games. Star Trek: Attack Wing is a space combat game that uses the FlightPath maneuver system. Star Trek: Frontiers is a space exploration game based on the Mage Knight board game that recently received a new expansion, The Return of Khan. Star Trek Tactics is a tactical space combat game that uses a variation of the HeroClix rules. The game recently saw the released of Series IV, which introduced the Xindi and Andorian factions. Star Trek also came to classic HeroClix with the release of Star Trek HeroClix Away Team: The Original Series, featuring HeroClix figures based on The Original Series' crew, their mirror universe selves, and classic aliens like Klingons, Talosians, Tribbles and more.