Star Trek: Patrick Stewart Officially Invites Whoopi Goldberg To Join Picard Season 2

Patrick Stewart Invites Whoopi Goldberg Star Trek Picard Season 2

This week marks the official premiere of Star Trek: Picard. The highly-anticipated new Star Trek TV series brings Sir Patrick Stewart back to the iconic role of Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generations, in a new story that is worlds away from the TNG era. While the Star Trek fandom waits to see and react to Star Trek: Picard CBS has shown confidence in the series by giving Star Trek: Picard a season 2 renewal before the series has even aired. And now, it seems Patrick Stewart is making some big moves recruiting guest stars for Star Trek: Picard season 2 - such as his The Next Generations co-star, Whoopi Goldberg!

Patrick Stewart appeared on The View today in order to promote the premiere of Star Trek: Picard, and Whoopi Goldberg is, of course, one of the main hosts of that daytime program. While in the midst of the interview, Stewart stopped everything for what at first seemed like a heavy or solemn thought to ponder - only to reveal the happy news of Whoopi being invited back into the Star Trek franchise. Here's what Stewart had to say:

"Something that I need to bring up. I'm here with a formal invitation - and it's for you, Whoopi. Alex Kurtzman, who is the senior executive producer of 'Star Trek: Picard', and all of his colleagues (of which I am one), want to invite you into the second season."

There was immediate applause from the crowd (including a standing ovation from the those who were clearly Star Trek: TNG). Most importantly, Whoopi Goldberg quickly responded with a resounding "Yes!"

If you don't know, Whoopi Goldberg had a breakout role as "Guinan" in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Guinan was an El-Aurian race of long-living psychically-endowed "Listeners." She was actually 600 years old and served as the lounge hostess of the U.S.S. Enterprise; most importantly, she was a close confidant of Jean-Luc Picard and was the sort of wise bartender that the crew of the Enterprise often needed. Guinan's long life included some dark history with both The Borg race and the "Q" entity; the former race of parasitic cyborgs is already confirmed to return in Star Trek: Picard; the latter god-like entity is one fans are continuously hoping to see return in the series, as well.


Star Trek: Picard airs on Thursdays on CBS All Access.