Star Trek: Picard Movie & TV Collection Announced

Ahead of Patrick Stewart’s return in Star Trek: Picard in 2020, CBS Home Entertainment is [...]

Ahead of Patrick Stewart's return in Star Trek: Picard in 2020, CBS Home Entertainment is collecting some of Jean-Luc Picard's most important adventures into a single collection. Billed on the Star Trek website as "the ultimate primer to get you ready for Sir Patrick Stewart's return as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard," the Star Trek: Picard Movie & TV Collection on Blu-ray collects all four of the Star Trek: The Next Generation feature films — Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis — plus two of The Next Generation's two-part episodes, "The Best of Both Worlds" and "Chain of Command."

The set will also include an exclusive 16-page Star Trek comic book from IDW Publishing featuring Picard, as well as 10 hours of previously released special features. These include commentaries (Jonathan Frakes, Mike & Denise Okuda, David Carson, and more), behind-the-scenes and character/actor featurettes (Making "Chain of Command," Marina Sirtis: The Counselor Is In, Jerry Goldsmith: A Tribute, etc.), gag reels, deleted scenes, episode promos, and more.

Star Trek Generations, released in 1994, sees Picard meeting Capt. James T. Kirk as they team up to avert a cosmic disaster. Star Trek: First Contact, released in 1996 and directed by Jonathan Frakes, sends the Enterprise back in time as the Borg try to interfere with the first contact with aliens on Earth. Insurrection, released in 1998 and also directed by Frakes, sees Picard and crew breaking ranks with Starfleet to protect an endangered civilization. Nemesis, what has been the final adventure of The Next Generation crew, sees Picard facing down his clone, Shinzon, as well as the passage of time.

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"The Best of Both Worlds" and "Chain of Command" have been marketed before as Star Trek: The Next Generation television movies. "The Best of Both Worlds" is one of the show's most famous stories, in which Picard is captured and transformed into Locutus of Borg. "Chain of Command" sees Picard embarking on a special operation for Starfleet, leaving Enterprise in the hands of another captain with a leadership style different from what the crew is accustomed to.

The trailer for Star Trek: Picard, revealed at Comic-Con, offered some new clues about what the series will be about. It seems like a good time to revisit some Next Generation classics, and even some deleted scenes, do get ready for the series debut.

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What do you think of the Star Trek: Picard Movie & TV Collection? Will you be getting one? Let us know what you think in the comments. The set released October 15th. Star Trek: Picard premieres on CBS All Access in early 2020.