Star Trek: Prodigy Producers Tease What To Expect From New Episodes

Star Trek: Prodigy's first 10 episodes have begun airing on Nickelodeon as of this past Friday, but what about the back half of the animated series' first season? spoke to Star Trek: Prodigy creators Dan and Kevin Hageman and creative lead Ben Hibon about seeing the show air on linear television, but we also asked about what fans should expect from the next 10 episodes of the show and how they differ from the first batch of episodes. We also decided to keep this portion of the interview separate because it contains spoilers for Star Trek: Prodigy's first 10 episodes, which already debuted on Paramount+. You've been warned.

As expected, the big change in the next few episodes is the introduction of Adm. Janeway. Kate Mulgrew previously told us that fans should expect the unexpected when Star Trek: Prodigy returns. Here, the creators suggest that fans may have some Janeway vs. Janeway action to look forward to in the upcoming episodes.

"What's the threat?" Dan Hageman says. "In the first 10, the threat very much is the Diviner, and what we established at the end of 10 is you have the threat of the actual Starfleet and Adm. Janeway on their tail to stop who she believes to be people who have stolen Capt. Chakotay's ship. So that's a very formidable foe. I wouldn't want to face her."

Kevin Hageman chimed in to bring the discussion back to Prodigy serving two audiences, those streaming on Paramount+ and those watching on Nickelodeon. "Can I also just add, going back to Nickelodeon, where we're constantly putting on the two different hats," he explains. "One is, 'Well, how do you market P+? How do you market to the whole family, including adults?' And then, 'How do you do this for kids?' And so in every aspect, we look at Janeway. There's the adult fan who loves Janeway and oh, now she's a hologram, oh, now Adm. Janeway's back and there's all this fun stuff and making sure we service that audience."

He continues, "But then now it's so exciting to go to Nickelodeon where this is basically a kids' audience, right? That's what we're really hitting now. What are the kids' points of view? How do we make sure that hologram Janeway is interesting for them so that you don't need to know the backstory of who she is? And what I love about hologram Janeway for kids and I think for Nickelodeon is it brings back Mary Poppins in my mind, and Mary Poppins was wonderful. There were a bunch of latchkey kids at home or kids that had these issues at home, and she came in and she was very, very strong and disciplined but she was so charismatic that you just love her and you want her around, and I'm hoping for kids on Nickelodeon that they're going to appreciate her in that light."

Hibon adds, "In terms of Kate, who did a wonderful job of doing that in the first part, in what we're showing now, there's obviously the introduction of other versions of her, and her range and her moments with the other cast of the show keeps on expanding, getting more colorful and more interesting and more fun, in some ways, I think, certainly from her perspective."

"It also begs the question of how cool would a movie be if you Mary Poppins hunting you down?" Dan Hageman concludes.

Star Trek: Prodigy's first 10 episodes are streaming now on Paramount+. Episodes air on Nickelodeon on Fridays at 8 p.m. ET.