'Star Wars' Would Get Iconic Tune Back if Disney Buys Fox

Before Disney purchased Lucasfilm and started churning out new Star Wars movies, fans could expect to hear a familiar tune before each film in the saga. But now, the 20th Century Fox Fanfare can only be heard on older copies of the film.

But with reports that the Walt Disney Company was in talks to acquire Fox, Star Wars fans might hear that song once again.

Though the Fanfare has been used before many films under the 20th Century Fox banner, an extended version has been specifically associated with the Star Wars saga before the purchase by Disney.

According to a new report from CNBC, Disney might acquire the rights to the Fanfare (and much more) as they negotiate with 21st Century Fox to purchase their entertainment divisions and properties.

Though the talks have cooled, the report states that 21st Century Fox wants to shift its focus to its news and sports platforms, selling off movie studio 20th Century Fox and other similar properties.

20th Century Fox has the physical distribution rights for most of the Star Wars saga until 2020, and the rights for the original film now known as A New Hope in perpetuity.

Disney has already re-released the original and prequel trilogies on digital platforms, where a new opening tag can be heard. Unfortunately, it does not have the same history with the franchise and thus doesn't have a similar impact as the Fox Fanfare.

So while fans can expect a new physical release of (most of) the films after Star Wars: Episode IX releases, it will likely have that same, lackluster song at the opening.

Unless, of course, Disney purchases the various entertainment components from Fox. But if they did, would they be willing to honor the franchise's legacy?

Disney has been pretty keen on using their branding on everything related to Star Wars. Even if it absorbs 20th Century Fox and other associated companies, there's no indication that they'll incorporate the Fanfare in future movies.

Of course, all of this is hypothetical until the deal actually gets finalized and the ink dries on all the contracts. But just the prospect of hearing that song in theaters before Star Wars: Episode IX lights up the screen should be exciting to every die hard Star Wars fan.

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