You Can Start Gambling for Starships With Authentic Sabacc Deck From Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

For over 40 years fans have been drawn into the Star Wars universe, as larger-than-life characters and intricate world building have shown the franchise expand in unexpected areas. But while the Force and the struggle between the Sith and the Jedi, it's the finer details that immerse us into the world.

Now that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has opened at Disneyland, fans can experience a trip to the cantina, piloting the Millennium Falcon, and even taking a sip of Blue Milk. And if you stroll into the market, you'll be able to obtain one of Han Solo's favorite pastimes — the card game Sabacc.

star wars galaxys edge sabacc impressions 3
(Photo: JK Schmidt for ComicBook)

Han defeated Lando Calrissian in a legendary game of Sabacc to win ownership of the Millennium Falcon, which was shown in last year's spinoff film Solo: A Star Wars Story. Now fans can own their own version of the game for $14.99 at the Toydarian Toymaker stall, which also sells a replica version of the Dejarik table on board the Falcon.

Sabacc is definitely the cheaper, more portable of the two, coming in a sleek box that neatly packs the contents. This includes a pair of dice and 62 cards, as well as instructions. And if you're worried that the game will be difficult to play, well, it can be at first — but that's only because of the authentic Star Wars designs on the cards.

star wars galaxys edge sabacc impressions 4
Apparently, this is a winning hand! From left to right: -9, -2, +1, +10 all totals out to 0. Can you tell what the cards amount to?

A dealer shuffles the cards which includes 30 positive cards, 30 negative cards, and 2 zero cards. The positive and negative cards come in three sets of 1 through 10 cards each. When they're shuffled and dealt, players use their cards to assemble a hand with a sum of zero.


It takes a bit to get a hang of the rules at first, and the designs of the higher numbered cards can get a little confusing, but it has the makings of a competitive and interesting game that combines strategy and luck. Once players get a firm grasp of the rules, they'll be making wagers for high speed starships in no time.

star wars galaxys edge sabacc impressions 1
(Photo: JK Schmidt for ComicBook)

This special Sabacc deck is only available at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, now open at Disneyland. The expansion will be open at Walt Disney World in August.