Andor: Diego Luna Promises Surprising Rogue One Backstory

At one point in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Cassian Andor looks to those around him and admits he would not be able to face himself if he were to give up in their fight. His battle against the Empire ultimately calls for sacrificing himself in hopes of helping the Rebellion take a big step closer to their victory. With the Empire having taken everything from him by the time Rogue One's story begins, Cassian is ready to see his work recruiting for the Rebel army payoff, no matter the cost. In the upcoming Andor series, Cassian Andor actor Diego Luna promises that audiences will be surprised when they see how the character became the motivated, willing man he was in Rogue One.

"We'll get to answer that and many other questions," Luna told in an exclusive interview. "He talks about being part of this fight since he was six years old in Rogue One. He talks about a very dark past. He talks about doing terrible stuff for the Rebellion. We're gonna get to know what he means, you know? The writing of Tony Gilroy is really interesting and complex. And I don't think people actually know exactly what I'm talking about. Like, I didn't either. When I read the material and his pitch and his ideas, I was like, 'Wow, this is amazing.' It's, it's in essence, it's what I had in mind when I was playing the role, but obviously how it happens and the specificity and the context is just very rich and exciting to watch."

With Andor, Luna gets to serve as an executive producer. This means the actor got to be involved in the creative process from start to finish, working closely with series mastermind Tony Gilroy on the story points. While Luna was welcome to bring ideas of his own, it was being the first to hear ideas and beats from Gilroy which he most enjoyed about the executive role.

"It's more than coming to him with ideas he's being there when he's making decisions and being there to bounce with him and to chat and to be the first people listening to this," Luna said. "He said to me, once, 'I'm not gonna write something you don't tell me you like, so I'll be talking to you and what my ideas are because I don't wanna go on writing and take off in a direction you don't think it's right because you're gonna have to play it.' This was long ago, you know? There hasn't been a moment where what he tells me, what he pitches me, what he gets me to read, doesn't impress me and excite me in his writing. I admire the guy so much. I'm just really pleased and honored to be working with him. It's really interesting. Whatever he writes is so rich that for an actor is just like pure joy to get to play with his material."

Andor is set to debut its first three episodes on Disney+ on September 21, 2022. The first reactions to the premiere episodes have been largely positive from critics who saw screeners for the series early. Andor will have a 12-episode first season before a 12-episode Season 2 takes viewers right up to the start of Rogue One with the characters in Andor. Season 2 of Andor will begin filming soon

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