Ashley Eckstein is Hopeful Ahsoka Will Return Beyond Star Wars Rebels Season 2

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

The second season of Star Wars Rebels is out today on Blu-ray and DVD, so fans can watch the epic journey of the Rebels crew, joined by Ahsoka Tano, as they try to stop not one but two Sith Lords apprenticed to the Emperor from gaining new and untold power. The season finale was a heart-wrenching affair, with Ahsoka meeting her former Jedi master, teacher, and friend, finally coming face-to-face with Darth Vader. When the episode came to an end, though, there was some confusion amongst fans about whether or not Ahsoka made it through. Voice actress Ashley Eckstein revealed to that she doesn't know either - in fact, she didn't know how the episode ended until she saw the finished product.

"Matt Lanter recorded the 'and now you shall die' line separately, but most of it we recorded together, and that was such an emotional day. I really don't cry that much!" she said with a laugh during a phone interview, "but when it comes to Ahsoka and these scenes it makes me emotional! Life imitated art there; it was the end, the end of Ahsoka and Vader, and the end for me and Matt. To my knowledge, that's the last scene we'll ever do together. So the emotions were real.

"And we didn't know – because Dave [Filoni] didn't tell anyone the ending, so we didn't know what happened. They all signed my script page, they let me keep the cover of my script, and Freddie Prinze Jr, Taylor Gray, Sam Witwer, they all signed it 'Goodbye.' They had a going away party for me."

The final scene saw Ahsoka walking into the Sith Temple, but obscured heavily by shadows; now that the scene is on home release people can scour every second of it for more clues. Ultimately though, Eckstein thinks the character she's grown up with since Star Wars: The Clone Wars has more story to tell in the galaxy far, far away.

"In my opinion, and I don't know the truth, but I think she's alive," Eckstein said. "There's so much we don't know. Seeing her walk into that temple, I'm really hopeful that we'll get more of her someday in the future, and also get more from her past. With the Ahsoka novel coming out, we'll get a glimpse at that. But as you could see at the panel, I got very emotional about it. Those were real tears; I could've cried the whole panel! I held back!"


When the episode aired, Eckstein said she watched it mostly as "a fan of Ahsoka," which allowed her to join in on the group catharsis with fans via social media. "I was feeling the same emotions that everyone else was!" she exclaimed. The actress, who is also the founder and head of the Her Universe clothing line, was glad showrunner Dave Filoni designed a shirt based on Ahsoka's final moment for her to reveal, if only because it helped ease the confusion over whether or not that was her.

We won't know what the future holds for Ahsoka until it unravels, but fans can relive her most recent past starting today, and go through that emotional goodbye once again.