Keystone Shares Image Of Baby Yoda Drinking Keystone Light Despite Warning From Their Lawyer

Disney's new Disney+ series The Mandalorian has been a big hit with fans for several reasons, but it's hard to argue that one of the biggest reasons is the adorable Baby Yoda. Now, he's not actually Yoda, but the name has stuck, and he's become an instant meme machine on social media. He's also become a magnet for photoshopers to work their magic and imagine all sorts of funny situations, including this latest one from Keystone Light. The beer company took to social media to share their creation, which shows Baby Yoda does like beer, and it happens to be Keystone Light. Fans are loving it, but the lawyers weren't so thrilled.

The image Keystone Light shared shows Baby Yoda from that infamous sipping tea moment, but instead of a cup he now has a can of Keystone Light. That said, he doesn't seem to mind, though you can't say the same for the Keystone lawyers, who initially said that this image couldn't be shown because Baby Yoda is a child.

As they reveal in the caption, Keystone countered that argument with the fact that Baby Yoda is 50 years old in the show, well beyond the 21 drinking age, and evidently the lawyers had nothing for that particular argument.

Thus, we have this image, and you can check it out above.

While Baby Yoda does have the appearance and attention span of a child, he is actually 50 years old, but as we've already seen, his powers are off the charts already, and will only grow as he gets older. That's one of the big reasons why the contract was put up in the first place, as some sectors just want to eliminate him off the board while others want to research him and find out what makes him such a powerful conduit of the force.


We don't see that happening with Mando around though, and we can't wait to see what is coming next for the adorable sidekick. That said, we imagine he won't be sipping any beer on The Mandalorian anytime soon.

The Mandalorian is available now on Disney+.