Colin Trevorrow's Star Wars: Episode IX Script Included Kylo Ren vs Darth Vader Duel

Earlier this week the first actual details of what composed Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow's Star Wars Episode IX script, a document that likely never would have seen the light of day had it not fallen into the hands of an intrepid YouTuber. Robert Meyer Burnett released a video on Monday with all the details about the script, claiming it would be titled "Duel of the Fates," and feature a very, very different narrative than what fans saw in "The Rise of Skywalker." The legitimacy of this leak has been verified in separate reports by the AV Club and io9, and it's one scene in particular we want to focus on this time.

In the script, Brunett reveals that Trevorrow and his co-writer Derek Connolly went deep into the mythology of Star Wars and retconned some new characters for its history. Among them was a character called "Tor Valum," revealed to be the "master" to Emperor Palpatine who taught him the ways of the Sith and seemingly filling in as a dark side Yoda for Adam Driver's character. It's when Kylo Ren pays a visit to Tor Valum that things get interesting for the Darth Vader obsessive young sith.

"Kylo lands on Remincore and Kylo confronts Tor Valum," Burnett said. "Kylo begins training with Tor Valum, Tor Valum is the yoda to Luke from Empire Strikes Back and that moves forward and it's very, very interesting in what goes on between them. Eventually there's a scene, and this would have been epic, kind of like the cave in Dagohbah, where Kylo Ren actually confronts Darth Vader. Now it is a vision of Vader but they fight. Darth Vader and Kylo Ren have a knock-down, drag-out duel, and of course Kylo loses, and even though it's not really Vader, 'only what you take with you,' it's really interesting."

The script does include a few ideas that popped up in The Rise of Skywalker, like giving Rey a double-bladed lightsaber, but has many more deviations like Palpatine having no relation to Rey and Luke Skywalker having a much bigger role.


In the end though, these sequences and character moments written from this draft of the script (reportedly completed before Carrie Fisher had passed away over three years ago) are not canon and boil down simply to "what might have been" rather than an alternate version of what was almost on screen. Trevorrow departed the project in September of 2017 after spending two years developing the feature without having directed anything for the film.