Disney+ Survey Shows Classic Films Getting More Views Than Star Wars

There's a variety of content on Disney's newly launched streaming service Disney+ to check out, and the holidays is a perfect time to do so. With classic Disney animated content, Disney Channel shows, and new live-action projects, the Disney fan in your life is probably giddy, but so are fans of Marvel and Star Wars. That said, according to a new poll by THR, Disney Classics are clearly the biggest draw currently, as 22% of subscribers included in the poll said they were watching Disney Classics the most on the new service, which edged out Star Wars by a 1% margin.

Star Wars came in second with 21%, but we imagine that will only go up over the next few weeks with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hitting theaters at the end of this week. We know plenty are binging the other films to get ready for it, and with the holidays here and time off the classic films will likely get even more play.

As for the rest of the list, coming in a distant third is Marvel at 15%, followed closely by Pixar at 14%. After that it's Disney Channel content at 9%, followed by National Geographic at 3% and finally Disney+ Originals at 2%.

Disney-Plus-Poll-THR-1 copy
(Photo: THR/Morning Consult)

A second survey broke down how frequently certain content was viewed in a more detailed way, and Pixar leads this category with 38% in frequently, followed by 38% in occasionally. Right behind it is Disney classics, which held 37% in frequently and a 36% in occasionally.

This list weights four categories, broken into frequently, occasionally, rarely, rarely, and never. That's why Marvel beats out Star Wars on the list even though Star Wars has a 33% in frequently compared to Marvel's 32%. Marvel has a 34% in occasionally to go along with that, while Star Wars only has a 22% followed by 14% in rarely and 28% in never, which Marvel only holds a 15% score in.

(Photo: THR/Morning Consult)

Making up the bottom of the list is The Simpsons, which only has 16% in frequently and 37% in never.

You can take a look at both graphs above.


So, what are you watching most on Disney+? Let us know in the comments! If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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