New Star Wars Animated Series Reportedly in the Works

Disney is juggling a lot of different Star Wars content between live-action and animated shows on Disney+, along with big-screen projects currently in the works. There really is something for every type of fan to enjoy, and now another new animated series can be added to Disney's upcoming slate of original programming. Star Wars composer Kevin Kiner was a guest of The Convor Call (via The Direct), where he confirmed that Disney is developing another Star Wars animated series. Kiner has composed for past series such as Star Wars: Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and Star Wars: The Bad Batch, so he is very familiar with the inner workings of Lucasfilm. 

As for what the new series could be, Kiner didn't say. However, he did hype it up, which should be music to the ears of Star Wars fans: "You know, we are working on a new project. It's an animated project. It's a Star Wars project. And that's all we can say. It's really, really frikkin' great… To the point where Lucasfilm and Disney are giving us full orchestra for every episode… It's a very special project, some great, great people are involved, and we're really privileged to be part of that one. And I probably said too much already."

There have been rumblings of various Star Wars projects in different stages of development for Disney+. A kid-focused Disney+ series featuring the High Republic is reportedly in the works, with multiple sources referring to this High Republic show as "Stranger Things in space." There are some that believe Darth Maul is the next up to get his own Star Wars series. A 2021 report claimed the Maul animated series will also serve as a prequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, helping to fill in one of the last big gaps in Maul's character arc: how he came to run the criminal organization, Crimson Dawn, before the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

There is also the possibility Maul could appear on the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series. The release of the show's first trailer excited Star Wars fans hoping for a rematch between the former Sith and Jedi Master. However, a new report dumps cold water on that confrontation happening on Obi-Wan Kenobi. THR reports Ray Park was set to return to the galaxy far, far away as Darth Maul, though plans eventually changed and Darth Vader was inserted as Maul's replacement.


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