Star Wars: Lucasfilm Reportedly Developing Kid-Focused High Republic Disney+ Series

A kid-focused live-action Star Wars series is reportedly in development at Disney+, featuring the franchise's High Republic era. Lucasfilm has pushed Star Wars: The High Republic in the publishing realm, releasing various comic books and novels that take place two centuries before the events of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. Star Wars recently announced Wave 3 of The High Republic, with more content arriving in the near future. If a new report turns out to be accurate, The High Republic can soon add a streaming series to the list of Disney+'s Star Wars offerings.

Cinelinx reports that multiple sources have referred to this High Republic show as "Stranger Things in space." Of course, Stranger Things is the popular Netflix series starring a cast of teenagers dealing with supernatural events in their small town. In the same manner as Stranger Things, a Disney+ High Republic show would feature actors ranging from pre-teens to teenagers. The site also claims one of The High Republic board of authors – Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, Daniel José Older, Claudia Gray, and Cavan Scott — will assist with writing the show's story.

One of the Star Wars series officially announced for Disney+ is The Acolyte, which is said to take place near the end of The High Republic. Writer Cavan Scott talked with the ComicBook Nation podcast about The High Republic, and whether the announcement of The Acolyte altered their writing plans.

"No, because I think we predated that 'cause we've been working on this for a good number of years now," Scott explained. "So what happened was people were getting excited about the High Republic as we were creating it, which was great to see, and there have been all these other plans as well but the great thing that Star Wars is so good at is taking the 'Things been worked on over here. This thing's been worked over on here, so let's bring it together.' And I mean the High Republic as an era goes on for an awful long time, because, you know, it's that period of time before the fall of the Jedi. And so, it's been really exciting to sort of see other threads of Star Wars coming in as they've been developed as well and, and see us all working together to to get to that for those final points. But yeah, it's going be exciting isn't it?"

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