Star Wars: Andor Casting Rumor Could Lead To Return of Controversial Sequel Trilogy Villain

Disney+'s upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel focusing on Cassian Andor may bring back a controversial villain from the Star Wars sequel trilogy. According to a report from Making Star Wars, Andy Serkis is returning to the Star Wars universe in Andor on Disney+. Star Wars fans will remember that Serkis played Supreme Leader Snoke in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Star Wars: The Force Awakens built Surpeme Leader Snoke up as the leader of the First Order, who would likely be the main antagonist of the sequel trilogy. That didn't pan out as, somewhat controversial, Kylo Ren slew Snoke in Star Wars: The Last Jedi and took his place at the head of the First Order.

Making Star Wars cannot confirm if Serkis is playing Snoke again in Andor. If he is, it would be a surprise. Andor takes place before the original Star Wars trilogy. Based on what we know about Snoke, Sith Cultists kept him hibernating on Exegol until Emperor Palpatine's death on the second Death Star. However, Palpatine experimented with cloning long before then and created multiple copies of Snoke, meaning it isn't out of the question. 

Given Serkis' skills, he could be playing Snoke, another CGI creation, or appearing in a live-action role. Andor star Diego Luna did suggest Star Wars fans would find some recognizable characters in the series.

"You'll definitely see familiar faces," Luna told Deadline. "I can tell you about this project like no other because I can't spoil the ending if you've seen [Rogue One] already. No matter what I say, I can't ruin the ending."

Andor begins five years before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Rogue One co-writer Tony Gilroy serves as the new show's showrunner. The series reveals Cassian Andor's adventures as a spy for the Rebel Alliance during the Empire's height of power.

Andor's cast includes Genevieve O'Reilly, reprising her role as Rebel Leader Mon Mothma from Rogue One. Other cast members include Stellan Skarsgard, Denise Gough, Adria Arjona, Fiona Shaw, and Kyle Soller. There have also been rumors suggesting Forest Whitaker will return as Saw Gerrera, an early member of the resistance against the Empire, willing to go however far the fight requires to achieve his goals.

Would you like to see more of Snoke in Andor? Let us know in the comments. The 12-episode series will debut on DIsney+ in 2022.