Star Wars: Andor Confirms Disney+ Release Schedule

Last week came the news that Andor's premiere date on Disney+ had been delayed slightly, pushing itself back to September when three episodes of the show would premiere at once. Now Lucasfilm has confirmed the release schedule for the rest of Andor season one, revealing the premiere date for every episode of season one. After the first three episodes debut in September the series will debut one episode per week through November, with the season finale arriving the day before Thanksgiving. Check out the full schedule for the show's first season below.

  • Andor Episodes 1, 2, and 3 – Wednesday, September 21
  • Andor Episode 4 – Wednesday, September 28
  • Andor Episode 5 – Wednesday, October 5
  • Andor Episode 6 – Wednesday, October 12
  • Andor Episode 7 – Wednesday, October 19
  • Andor Episode 8 – Wednesday, October 26
  • Andor Episode 9 – Wednesday, November 2
  • Andor Episode 10 – Wednesday, November 9
  • Andor Episode 11 – Wednesday, November 16
  • Andor Episode 12 – Wednesday, November 23

Unlike other shows that are in the works for Disney+ from Lucasfilm, the Rogue One prequel series is already confirmed to only be two seasons long in total. The show's first season will be twelve episodes total, all released this year, with the eventual season two delivering another twelve episodes to audiences. Speaking earlier this summer during a Television Critics Association's panel, series showrunner Tony Gilroy revealed, "Our last scene of the show, our 24th episode, will walk the audience directly into Rogue One and directly into the first scene of Rogue One."

Speaking with in a previous interview, Gilroy confirmed that there were originally talks of making the show even longer. "Originally we thought, oh, maybe we'll do five seasons, but it's just the scale of the show is I think when the show comes out, everybody will forgive us for not doing that," Gilroy said at San Diego Comic-Con. "This is the show is huge and it's just physically impossible. So then we were like, what are we going to do? And then the answer turned out to be incredibly elegant and perfect. Which is because we knew where we wanted to go. Every now and then you get really lucky and the solution turned out to be really fortunate for us."  

"We know where this character ends, but how complicated can we make it for him to get there?" series star Diego Luna previously revealed. "And that's where creativity comes in because it's never the way you approach a story. It's like a different part of your brain that has to connect. It's exciting to have that opportunity in storytelling of going backward and not forward. Going forward is easy. As an actor, this is what you're always asked to do."  

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