Star Wars Fans Continue Raving About Andor After Episode 7

Star Wars: Andor has fans once again raving about the series and its possible title as the "best live-action Star Wars" project. Andor Episode 7 has just dropped on Disney+ (at the time of writing this), and it certainly had a lot to live up to after the high point that was Episode 6, with the white-knuckle tension of its big robbery/heist mission.

 By now, Star Wars fans are discerning the ebb and flow of Andor's three-episode story arcs; many viewers therefore expected Episode 7 to be a slower burn, which began to re-stack the deck for the next big action-packed episode. However, while "Announcement" certainly did begin to rebuild the tension, it also provided some wonderful character-focused moments as major figures spread across the series all reacted and adjusted to official opening salvo from an organized rebellion. Based on the reactions lighting up social media, Andor Episode 7 made Star Wars love these characters and what the show is doing with its thematic complexity even more than any action sequence could! 

Andor: The Best Star Wars You're Not Watching

Star Wars fans who have tuned in for Andor are largerly signing high praise for the series – while also lamenting how little social media discourse the show seems to be generating, and the general lack of a big viewing community reacting the show each week. 

That's not to imply that Andor is somehow turning viewers OFF: instead it seems to be a clear case of more viewers not putting aside early prejudices (not liking Rogue One or understanding WHY Andor got a show) in order to give the series a proper go. There are also plenty of comparisons being made to the previous Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, which seemed to almost exclusively coast on big-name characters and franchise nostalgia. 

Other viewers seem to feel like Andor transcends being the "Best of Star Wars TV" and is instead achieving something more like the prestige of an HBO series. As some of those fans point out, the discussion shouldn't be about why Andor needs more Star Wars fandom love, and why it should be in the discussion of "Best TV Show" on right now. Period. 

Finally, individual characters of Andor like Mon Mothma (Genevieve O'Reilly) are certainly breaking out as new fan-favorites, and Andor Episode 7 also dropped some deep-cut Easter eggs with cameos and callbacks only hardcore Star Wars fans will enjoy: 

Andor is streaming new episodes weekly on Disney+.