First Star Wars: Andor Clip Released

Andor has released the first clip from the Star Wars series. Fans on Disney+ have been eagerly awaiting the newest show in the franchise. As the big premiere date in September draws nearer, Lucasfilm will probably begin to pull back the curtain even more. The definite beginning of this journey starts with this clip posted to the official Star Wars channels. Both Diego Luna and Stellan Skarsgard's characters discuss how stealing from the Empire functions. Maybe it might be a little easier than previously believed? But, there's still plenty of danger lurking around every corner. Rogue One fans have to be over the moon that they're getting more of these characters in any way, shape or form after the movie's debut. It seems like there are big plans for Cassian Andor over at Lucasfilm. Check out the clip for yourself down below. managed to speak to director Tony Gilroy about the creative team's efforts on the show. On topic that was highlighted during the conversation was the focus on everyday people in the world during Star Wars: Andor. This isn't like the chosen heroes seen in Obi-Wan Kenobi or even Book of Boba Fett. Instead, we get down to the street level to figure out what's going on with the rebels.

"But our show is about ordinary people," Gilroy began. "They're behind the scenes, they're going to build the road to the revolution. We're really in the kitchen with these people – our people are back there washing dishes, so canon might be happening off stage, but what's happening for them is something completely different. Every day our aspiration in every department, on every costume, every weapon and every sideburn is always how to make it real."

There are some different subjects in Andor than some Star Wars fans might be accustomed to. In addition to the Rebellion itself, there's a focus on Mon Mothma in this series that will delight fans looking for more.

"Our goal is to have as many varieties as you possibly can, and Mon Mothma has her own rebellion. People will find out a lot more about that as the show goes on, because there's some really interesting things that we're going to say about her," Gilroy mentioned. "It's not that we're reversing canon or anything we're just going to tell you that, wow, you had no idea what some people were really about – and maybe you don't understand why she's doing it."

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