Star Wars: Andor New Look Revealed

Star Wars: Andor has a new look for fans to check out – see it below! The new look at Andor sees Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) doing his spy-guy thing, talking to what looks to be a bartender in a dark and sleazy-looking cantina. This series will start five years before Cassian's pivotal and history-defining death at the end of Rogue One; this scene in the bar will feature a version of Cassian who is "as far as you can imagine away" from the noble martyr he eventually becomes. 

(Photo: Total Film / Lucasfilm)

In the new issue of Total Film magazine, Diego Luna talks about what it was like to explore this aspect of Cassian Andor's character: 

"I had already answered many of the questions that the show answers myself, for my process as an actor for Rogue One," Luna said. "Now, I had the chance to explore that with [showrunner] Tony [Gilroy], who's an amazing collaborator and beautiful writer."

Luna goes on to reference a scene in Rogue One that really resonated with him in terms of setting up this Andor spinoff series. Rogue One only had time to give us sketches of its doomed heroes, and for Andor that moment came when he and Jyn Orso (Felicity Jones) had a furious exchange of words about who had it hard in life. Cassian let his cold spy demeanor slip for a second to say he has been fighting since age six; well, Andor will be taking a deep look on what that lifetime of conflict makes of a man: 

"We find him in a place where he's not aware of how capable he is of transforming or being part of change or executing such a sacrifice, but he is the man that comes out from fighting since he was six years old. He's a very interesting, dark, wounded person. You're not going to believe that he's capable of what he does in Rogue One."

A lot of Star Wars fans loved the way Rogue One introduced to a character whose morals were so gray. Cassian's first scene in the franchise is him leeching key info from an imperiled informant, before coldly executing the informant so that Imperial Troopers can't get the intel. Not since Han Solo blasted Greedo under a table has a Star Wars character seemed so cool and dastardly all at once. The first Andor teaser and general series info makes it clear that while George Lucas quickly skipped over Han's darker nature (and later rewrote it) Tony Gilroy (uncredited for pulling Rogue One together) wants to look much deeper at that scoundrel-turned-hero arc. 

Andor will premiere on Disney+ on August 31st.