This Star Wars Fan Film Is Very Dark And Very Good

A new fan film looks to capture one of the darker corners of the Star Wars universe. 'Dark Legacy' [...]

A new fan film looks to capture one of the darker corners of the Star Wars universe. "Dark Legacy" is a ten minute short that shows an epic clash between a Sith Lord and his seemingly unwilling apprentice.

Directed by Anthony Pietromonaco, "Dark Legacy" is set on a forgotten Sith planet littered with ancient artifacts. The film's website explains that the planet is also populated by a unique parasite that harvests dead bodies into Kyber crystals. Of course, Star Wars fans will know Kyber crystals as the cores that powers lightsabers.

The film shows a young woman, played by Erin Wu, facing her final "training" against a masked Sith Lord. The Sith Lord had previously captured both the unnamed woman and her brother. Not only did the Sith Lord torture the woman (judging from the lightsaber burns along her arms,) he also killed the woman's brother for being too weak in his training.

While the movie uses lightsabers and a few hints of the Force, it also takes some liberties with the Star War canon. Not only does the movie come up with an unconventional origin for kyber crystals, the Sith Lord also uses the Force to create a small army of illusionary copies to confuse his apprentice.

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"Dark Legacy" is definitely a step above most fan films. Pietromonaco is a veteran director known mostly for commercials, but he seems to have a knack for capturing the Dark Side of the Star Wars universe.

In addition to Wu, "Dark Legacy" also stars veteran stunt actor Fabien Garcia as the Sith Lord and voice actor David Thomas as the Sith Lord's voice.

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"Dark Legacy" should sate that Star Wars itch for many fans, especially since Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently's second most anticipated film according to our Anticipated Rankings. You can check out "Dark Legacy" above and see how it compares to the real deal.