Star Wars Confirms Han and Leia Spent Honeymoon at New Disney World Hotel

The canon of the Star Wars universe is continuing to expand, with new chapters and previously-unseen stories being covered in movies, television, comics, video games, and novels. On Monday, it was announced that that would soon include Star Wars: The Princess and the Scoundrel, a canonical novel following the wedding and honeymoon of Leia Organa and Han Solo. The official description for the book, which will be written by Beth Revis, reveals that the married duo will be encountering the remnants of the Empire while on their honeymoon. The location of that vacation is particularly interesting — the Halcyon starcruiser, which is the central location of the real-world Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser resort experience at Walt Disney World.

"Set just after the events of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the story begins on the forest moon of Endor, where Han proposes in the elation of the rebel victory against the Empire," the description reads. "After a ceremony at the site of the victory celebration at the end of the film, the newlyweds depart for a honeymoon aboard the Halcyon starcruiser. In their most desperate hour, with the war still raging but the Empire nearing its last gasp, the couple must outwit the Imperial remnants clinging to power."

This detail provides a uniquely specific bit of synergy for the larger Star Wars universe, with the Galactic Starcruiser experience set to properly open in March this year. After Star Wars was able to make a tie-in novel, a tie-in comic, and an animated short out of the Black Spire Outpost in the Galaxy's Edge theme park, nothing feels impossible. But beyond that, it also just teases a unique adventure for the newlyweds.

"I don't want to spoil anything as the wedding is possibly my favorite scene of the whole book, but I will say that when Ewoks are involved, nothing ever goes to plan!" Revis explained in an interview with "In all seriousness, though, what makes the wedding scene my favorite is the ring ceremony. The rings become an important symbol throughout the book – I'm being vague on purpose so I don't spoil anything, but I think it's true of all societies, whether they be on Earth or in a galaxy far, far away, that ceremonies become a necessary component of culture. We ascribe value to specific moments, and we bring up importance to symbols from those moments, including wedding rings. A wedding is like a bright star in a person's life – a fixed point of light. And that's true for Han and Leia as well."