Star Wars Just Revealed the Death of a Major Franchise Character

Star Wars just revealed the death of a major character in the franchise in Rise of Kylo Ren #4. This series has been heading toward explaining how little Ben Solo would end up being the dramatic villain Kylo Ren since the beginning. Issue #4 cements that there is no turning back for the former Jedi in a very visceral way. In fact, the events of Rise of Kylo Ren actually slots pretty well next to Rey’s moments of self-doubt in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. There are certain lines that end up being a point of no return, and this is definitely one of them. *Spoilers for Rise of Kylo Ren #4 are coming up.*

Ben Solo has been running around with the Knights of Ren, and their intoxicating leader Ren. He had a huge part in recruiting the young Force user to the Dark Side. Ren found the young Solo when he was still training, but the official offer wouldn’t manifest until after the boy fell out with his teacher. The Jedi Order fell and the unrest within the former Padawan’s heart grew. He decided to take Ren up on his offer and join the Knights. But, Kylo Ren decides to give him a taste of the force lighting in this issue.

The Knights end up going on a mission where they encounter some former acquaintances of Kylo Ren. Ren demanded that the young man prove his loyalty by killing his friends. The poor Jedi though that maybe Ben Solo was in there somewhere, but Ren took that choice away from him. The head of the Knights snapped the Jedi’s neck with Force powers and had his pupil watching. That would end up being a crucial mistake as Kylo Ren would lash out in a deadly way.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Kylo Ren brought the Force Lightining down on Ren. There was a bit of a struggle between light and dark within the boy as both sides of the Force battled for control. That conflict was felt near and far as his mother Leia sensed the storm raging within her son. Rey even felt a chill all the way on Jakku in the desert. Kylo Ren would finally choose the Dark Side and stab Ren in the chest for good measure. The Force Lightning ended up being more for emphasis than anything else. He also shouted, “Here’s your good death!” to really hammer things home.

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