Star Wars: Mark Hamill Proves Leia Was Essential with One Perfect Tweet

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters as we speak and saying goodbye to this trilogy was tough for a lot of fans. Mark Hamill loves Twitter and often responds to fans' comments. One woman shared a story about her daughter's Star Wars shoes and it turned into a wonderful moment on a site not known to make you feel very good. The five-year-old selected some Darth Vader shoes and got told by a boy at school that the franchise was for boys. Well, she replied that Star Wars can be for girls as well. Then, Hamill came in with some extra support for her claim. The star was quick to point out that without Leia, Han and Luke would have been toast on the Death Star. That is just one of the times the General herself came in clutch, but the point remains the same. Not only are women absolutely crucial to the workings of all these films, entire generations of ladies have been inspired by these sagas too.

Still, it must have been hard for the entire cast to navigate this final installment after Carrie Fisher's passing. J.J. Abrams called her the heart and soul of the movie. Co-writer on the film, Chris Terrio told The Hollywood Reporter about how footage from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was used for one special CGI sequence in the film.

"We also had access to the dailies from the original trilogy, and in the flashback of Luke and Leia, that image of Carrie comes from Return of the Jedi," Terrio explained. "So, we had access to everything in the archive, which turned out to be super helpful. So, yeah, the original trilogy was on our table for the flashback and for audio. That said, Leia was a very different person in the new trilogy, and I'm not sure that we would've used any audio from the original trilogy. Her voice had changed, and obviously, she was older, wiser and had a different quality to her performance. So, I'm not sure we ended up using any audio from the original trilogy, and we tried to stay true to Carrie's acting intentions as much as we could."


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is playing in theaters right now.