Deadpool 3's Shawn Levy In Talk to Direct Star Wars Movie

Marvel's Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy is reportedly in talks to direct a Star Wars movie. The report claims that Levy has agreed to work with Lucasfilm on a Star Wars film after he completes his duties working with Marvel on Deadpool 3, as well as wrapping up the final episodes of Netflix's Stranger Things, which Levy both directs and executive produces. Obviously, that means the timeline for this Star Wars film's production isn't for a few years down the road – but still, it's a sign of some forward motion from Lucasfilm on the Star Wars movie front. 

Shawn Levy is seeing a major career surge right now. In addition to having one of the most popular shows on TV/streaming today (Stranger Things) Levy has emerged from the turbulent period of the pandemic with a shine of success few others can boast. Levy and Ryan Reynolds' video game love story movie Free Guy (2021) was the first Disney/20th Century Studios put out in the post-pandemic theatrical market and it both scored critical acclaim, a solid box office, and became a cult hit on streaming. Levy's next project with Reynolds – Netflix's sci-fi-actioner The Adam Project (2022) – was another success, this time on streaming, and it was followed swiftly by Levy and co. owning the TV/streaming zeitgeist with Stranger Things 4 over the summer. 

Now Levy is helming one of the most highly-anticipated Marvel movies ever in Deadpool 3. That film will bring Hugh Jackman out of "retirement" to once again play Wolverine – with both Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool making a long-awaited pilgrimage to the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. After Deadpool 3 it's hard to imagine anyone being unfamiliar with Levy's name – and he'll definitely have the clout to step into a franchise as divisive as Star Wars, right now... 

What Star Wars Movie Is Shawn Levy Directing? 


Nothing is being revealed about the project Levy is being courted for – but it's not hard to imagine. Levy's most successful projects have always been viewed as new-age Spielbergian; a mix of pulpy genre staples (horror, sci-fi, coming-of-age) and warm-heart cores that are often focused on family and friendships. As of late, projects like Free Guy, and The Adam Project have proven that Levy's skill as a director has graduated to next level. 

That's all to say: Shawn Levy could be a talent that could helm a new Star Wars film trilogy or at least one of the main installments (as opposed to a standalone project). His films are the sort of widely appealing, family-friendly(ish) fare that Lucasfilm always sets as their wide-net target for Star Wars films. 

Lucasfilm has another Star Wars film under development with Damon Lindelof (HBO's Watchmen), as well as Rian Johnson, Kevin Feige, and Taika Waititi all on the back-burner with their own respective Star Wars film projects. Where Levy fits into that larger picture is still unclear. 

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Source: Deadline