Star Wars: Damon Lindelof Film Rumored for 2025 Release Date

Reports began emerging this week that Damon Lindelof was developing a film for the Star Wars franchise, which included reports that a writer and director have joined such a project, with the latest rumors about the project coming from The Hot Mic podcast that the film is targeting a December 19, 2025 release date. Unlike other Star Wars projects from Lucasfilm, this Lindelof project hasn't officially been announced, with the studio previously establishing a trend with filmmakers like Patty Jenkins, Taika Waititi, and Kevin Feige that those projects were officially moving forward and then behind-the-scenes shakeups seeing their release dates be thrown into question. 

"I do think it's gonna happen. In fact, I think it actually has a release date! I'm like, 'Wait, I have to keep track of what I'm allowed to say!'" Jeff Sneider shared on the podcast, per Star Wars News Net. "I think it's gonna come out December 2025 ... I've been saying that since I reported it. So I broke that story in March... About [Damon Lindelof], you know, followed it up this Summer saying that he'd been seen on the lot, doing that kind of stuff. I didn't realize, what I had originally reported, it was unclear whether this guy was going to be writing the script or leading a writer's room. I knew he was working on something up there, right? So it turns out he was leading a writer's room... In the end, [Justin Britt-Gibson] is going to be co-writing with Damon, and yeah, they have the director from Ms. Marvel [Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy]. I think that's an interesting package, I think that we'll see it Christmas 2025."

In the Disney era of Star Wars films, fans have had to grapple with conflicted feelings about the franchise, as the studio will announce filmmakers developing a project, only for those plans to be delayed indefinitely or dashed entirely. Waititi's film, for example, was revealed in 2020 and fans have been speculating about it ever since, while it would seem that Lindelof's film is more likely to be the film that hits theaters in 2025.

"This is the date that [Taika Waititi] has right now. Taika's Star Wars is December 19, 2025, but as I think fans may be able to read between the lines of what's been reported ... Yeah, I don't know if he's really there yet," Sneider teased. "So I think that Damon's movie will inherit that date."

Stay tuned for details on the future of Lindelof's Star Wars movie.

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