Star Wars Writer Teases New Resistance Era Project

It looks like Star Wars may soon be returning to the Age of Resistance. Michael Moreci is a writer best known for comics like Wasted Space, The Plot, and Roche Limit. He also has some Star Wars work to his credit, including writing stories in Star Wars Adventures. On Twitter, he hinted that he has another Star Wars project in the works. He shared a photo of a notebook that he's been saving for an appropriate occasion. It's a First Order notebook, suggesting the project is set in the Star Wars universe. That it is First Order also has some fans assuming that the story will be set during the era of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

"I've been saving this notebook for a very special occasion," Moreci tweeted. "It's literally been sitting on my desk, and I've waiting--*hoping*--for the moment to arrive. And it has." Moreci remains coy about the nature of the project. "But what the special project is...that's a myssssterrrrrryyyyy."

Moreci also wrote the five-issue Star Wars Adventures miniseries Clone Wars: Battle Tales. “The Clone Wars era is probably my favorite in all of Star Wars,” Moreci said in a statement when the series was announced. “It has it all — big adventure, sweeping romance, Force mythology, Jedi powers, and, of course, the awesome clones. This event series is going to bring together all the best, evergreen parts of Star Wars and weave a story that longtime fans (like myself) and new, younger readers (like my own kids) will definitely love.”

IDW Publishing intended to publish the series weekly and tie it into the release of the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+. With Diamond Comic Distributors ceasing shipments due to the coronavirus pandemic, IDW delayed the series indefinitely.


"While the on-sale dates for our print products are impacted during this crisis, we’re planning on only releasing digital editions of the comics that will actually hit store shelves," IDW said in a statement. "As always, our digital-comics release dates will match the print-release dates going forward."

Moreci later weighed in on the delay. "STAR WARS ADVENTURES: CLONE WARS: BATTLE TALES #1 was supposed to come out today. Considering everything happening in comics, this is a small thing. And the series--all 5 issues--will come out! It's just a matter of when," he tweeted on the first issue's solicited release date. "In the meantime, I'm fine. I'm totally fine. I'm fiiiine."