New Star Wars Fan Theory Says Snoke's Survival Connected to Luke's New Force Powers

Long live the supreme leader! Star Wars fans can't just accept that Supreme Leader Snoke died so [...]

Long live the supreme leader! Star Wars fans can't just accept that Supreme Leader Snoke died so easily in that shocking twist scene of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and so the fan theories on Snoke's survival continue.

We've previously broke down a popular theory on how Snoke's dark Force powers of altering perception (like he did to Kylo Ren and Rey) may have been a tactic he used to fake his own death, in order to push Kylo Ren completely to the dark side. Today bring a new theory that follows closely on that train of thought, connecting Snoke's survival to another big twist in The Last Jedi: Luke's new Force power of Astral projection.

Snoke isn't dead. He was Luke. Only stronger. from r/starwarsspeculation

The common thread in all these theories is that Snoke's true "power" is subterfuge and deception, manipulating the minds and perceptions of others, rather than showing direct force (no pun). It's an aspect of the character that has been confirmed by official tie-in materials to the new movies, while comments from the filmmakers regarding that pivotal throne room sequence have definitely left the door open for the later reveal that it was all an elaborate illusion.

The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson recently shut down haters who argued that these new Force powers were Dues Ex Machina gimmicks, by revealing that both techniques introduced in The Last Jedi were drawn from official manuals on the powers of the Jedi and Force users in Star Wars lore. That means that a character like Snoke may have indeed mastered these powers to a degree that would allow him to do what is described above - and that Johnson may have been laying breadcrumbs for this twist since the very beginning.

Star Wars Snoke Alive Luke Astral Projection Connection

Star Wars: Epiosde IX has been hyped to be a chapter that will tie together the entire nine-film saga of the Skywalkers and bring it to a close. The overwhelming majority of fans think that Snoke will need to be part of that story; some go as far as predicting the supreme leader could himself be a mask, hiding one of the franchise's oldest villains in plain sight.

We'll find out for sure when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters.