Star Wars Writer Confirms Pod Racing Exists in the High Republic

The newly-launched High Republic initiative aims to show the Star Wars galaxy at one of its finest and most pivotal points. Hundred of years before the events of The Skywalker Saga, the High Republic shows a time when most of the galaxy was actually working together, and the Jedi were at the height of their power. It's a very different era of Star Wars canon, one that sees justice and order reigning supreme. But that doesn't mean that some of the more lawless activities we've seen in Star Wars weren't thriving. The High Republic still has law-breakers, organized crime syndicates, and of course, pod racing.

Yes, pod racing absolutely exists in the High Republic era, according to Star Wars: Light of the Jedi author Charles Soule. In a recent email interview about Light of the Jedi and the High Republic, we asked Soule about the status of pod racing during that particular era, and his answer didn't disappoint.

"Pods exist in the High Republic," Soule replied. "There are always pods. And where there are pods, people will find a way to race them."

This answer is obviously a silly way to reply to a very ridiculous question, but just because it's fun doesn't mean that it doesn't count.

Pod racing is definitely a thing in the High Republic, but that doesn't necessarily mean we will see it show up in any of the upcoming books or novels any time soon. There isn't any pod racing in Light of the Jedi, nor in the first issue of the High Republic comic series from Marvel. It may not be explored at all.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't exist, and that's what matters, right? We know that pod racing was a popular sport when Anakin Skywalker was a child, though it didn't really exist on every planet. We also know that the Empire outlawed the sport a few decades later, which is why the only pod-related thing we've seen in the post-prequel Star Wars titles is Cobb Vanth using an old pod engine as a speeder in The Mandalorian.


Hopefully, as we learn more about the High Republic, we'll see our favorite Outer Rim sport come back into prominence.

Would you like to see pod racing make a comeback in the High Republic era? Let us know in the comments!