The Mandalorian Reveals Ahsoka Tano Season 2 Poster

The Mandalorian has revealed it new season 2 poster for Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), who made her live-action debut in Chapter 13: The Jedi. As you can see below, there's a good reason that Star Wars are overwhelmingly celebrating Dawson's version of Ahsoka: the Sin City star looks every bit like the iconic Clone Wars character, albeit with more age and edge than we've ever seen from her before. Her costume is still the darker-themed outfit that we first got a taste of in Star Wars Rebels, with those signature dual white lightsabers completing the picture perfectly. Check out The Mandalorian's Ahsoka Tano, in all her glory!

As stated, the look of live-action Ahsoka has pretty much been a hit- with just one point of debate: the length of the montrals/lekku on her head. In Rebels an older Ahsoka had much longer montrals - but The Mandalorian seemed to go with a shorter look. Character designer Brian Matyas has addressed the issue with fans:

"Yea pretty much that was the chief concern. From animation to live-action I did a ton of design exploration for her and their appropriate size for the actor with consideration for stunts and movement. I'm sure I'll get to discuss at greater length in the near future!"

(SPOILERS) In The Mandalorian Chapter 13, Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) tracks down Ahsoka on a forest planet called Corvus, where Anakin Skywalker's former Padawan is busy battling an evil local magistrate, who holds key information that Ahsoka needs. Working together, Mando and Ahsoka manage to make important headway in uncovering Baby Yoda's origin (real name: Grogu), as well as getting The Child's trained in use of its Force powers. Ultimately, Ahsoka teams with Din to defeat the magistrate and her forces, and collects the prize she sought: information.


Ahsoka is apparently still on the hunt for Grand Admiral Thrawn after the ending of Star Wars Rebels, where the Imperial mastermind disappeared into deep space. The Mandalorian has now set the stage for Thrawn's return - though where and when that could happen remains a mystery.

Right now, it looks like Ahsoka Tano's appearance in The Mandalorian could be a one-off; however, there's more than enough room for her story to continue in a Disney+ spinoff series. Rumors that Rosario Dawson could be getting her own show began shortly after she was cast in The Mandarloian, and based on fan reactions, that would be a welcome expansion of the franchise. It's also the best hope for us to see an older Ezra Bridger also make his return/live-action debut.