The Walking Dead Showrunner Teases Next Major Storyline

The Walking Dead returns for its tenth season in just a few weeks and fans are hoping the early episodes of the new installment will bring some answers to the various cliffhangers presented in the Season 9 finale. Of course, the most notable of these cliffhangers revolves around the mysterious call received on the radio in the final moments of the season. Could this finally be the Commonwealth story from the comics?

In The Walking Dead comics, the Commonwealth is introduced in the exact same fashion, as Eugene gets a call from a woman on his newly-crafted radio, leading Rick and the others to a massive community unlike anything they've ever seen. However, things may not be that simple on the AMC TV series. While speaking with TVLine about Season 10, showrunner Angela Kang teased the story of The Walking Dead Season 10 and remained VERY vague about the Commonwealth narrative.

"That is an important story from the comic and we like to service story from the comic," Kang said.

She continued on to note that "there will be answers" regarding who was on the other end of the radio in the Season 9 finale. "We defintiely deal with it and it's not going to be all season," she promised.

Despite heading into its tenth season, The Walking Dead seems to have found a new life under Kang's leadership, especially after the introduction of Alpha and the Whisperers. These new villains are some of the most terrifying the series has ever seen and there are big things in store for them when Season 10 arrives this fall.

“I’m so excited about what’s in store for Season 10. We’ve got absolutely loads of surprises,” said Samantha Morton, who plays Alpha on the series. “Angela and her team of writers have done an incredible job. I mean, absolutely mind-blowing. I was in tears when I was reading the script. So proud to be part of this show. Shivers, shivers. You’re going to love it.”

Earlier this year, during the Season 10 preview of Talking Dead, Morton said that she hopes fans will have the opportunity to see more of Alpha's "humanity" in the upcoming episodes.

“In Season 10, I’m most excited for the fans to see Alpha’s humanity, and understanding a little bit more about what are the Whisperers, why they behave the way they behave,” she explained. “We’ve already seen this within the entire show, I think, but how the apocalypse affects some people one way and other people another way, and how primal instincts can take over individuals. And seeing more of that from a female perspective, as well, I think, is quite important. And with Alpha being this female villain, it’s interesting to explore.”


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The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 6th on AMC.