Josh McDermitt Knows How He Wants Eugene To Die On 'The Walking Dead'

Should Eugene's time come to an end on The Walking Dead, Josh McDermitt knows how he wants his character to bow out.

After a brilliant performance in Episode 8x07, fans of The Walking Dead are justifiably angry with Eugene after he chose to support Negan and the Saviors rather than take an opportunity to help Rick's group and Father Gabriel. Impressive, metaphorical dialogue was spewed left and right and the character took a stance and jeopardized his safety trying to help his new traveling companions. Should the character continue to stick his neck out, Josh McDermitt might get the wish he requested in a column for EW.

"I told him and Greg Nicotero (resident badass) that if Eugene were to die, I want to be choked out by Rick," McDermitt said. "Most actors have a 'thing' — a look they can shoot to the camera, and that's how they make their money throughout their career. For instance, Jack Nicholson flashes his smile and they hand him a giant bag of money. I think Andrew Lincoln's 'thing' is choking people in a scene. It's so intense you think he's really trying to choke the guy. And maybe that's the secret? I don't know."

Of course, Andrew Lincoln put his choke on display in Sunday's Episode 8x07 when he wrestled with Jadis at the trash heap. Many fans dub the moment as the episode's highlight, with the leader of Alexandria returning to form and threatening those around him should they choose not to cooperate.

Should Rick come anywhere near Eugene at this point, it's not unlikely Rick wouldn't want to strangle him for betraying the family.


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