Fear The Walking Dead Season 6 Begins Production

Fear the Walking Dead has officially begun production on its sixth season. The AMC series is [...]

Fear the Walking Dead has officially begun production on its sixth season. The AMC series is shooting in Texas, once again, bringing back its cast and showrunners for another round. The series brought on Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss to hlm a pair of crossovers from The Walking Dead, with Lennie James and Austin Amelio having brought their respective Morgan and Dwight characters to the first Walking Dead spinoff show. Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, and more are also returning for more action on the zombie series which has already shown itself to have more connections to the larger Dead universe.

Fear the Walking Dead's most recent season was not exactly a hit with fans or critics. The show's ratings nearly dipped below 1 million live viewers as the entire show became centered on randomly doing good for others, even if it was completely senseless and dangerous. "Throughout Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead, the creative team behind the AMC series was jabbed by fans and critics relentlessly," ComicBook.com's review of Season 5 reads. "Those criticisms and knocks were not entirely without warrant, either. While the cast and directors showed up and did their job (quite impressively, considering the material they were given), Fear the Walking Dead had many missteps with its story and overall efforts in Season 5."

As a result, the team behind Fear the Walking Dead has promised a "big change" coming in the show's sixth season. Still, Goldberg and Chambliss remain attached to the series and there is no sign of Kim Dickens reprising her role as Madison Clark, so fans of the series' brilliant third season remain skeptic.

The fifth season ended on a cliffhanger which left James' Morgan Jones seemingly for dead. "In Season 6, I don't know if my character will make it through," James said on Talking Dead in his first comments since Morgan's apparent death. "When he first arrived in Texas, it was a man who wanted to get away from people. And now it's a man who feels real love, responsibility and pride in a group of people that he wants to be around and he wants to call them his own. My hope for six is that they find a way of being back together."

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Fear the Walking Dead will return in the summer of 2020.