New The Walking Dead Cover Teases "A Certain Doom"

The Walking Dead's artist Charlie Adlard has unveiled the cover of issue #167 and things are looking grim for Alexandria's power couple.

Knelt on the ground before a door, Rick and Andrea appear to be consoling one another on the cover of the issue. More ominously, the issue is titled, "A Certain Doom."

Given the current state of affairs in Alexandria, the "doom" referenced by the title can regard any number of characters. Last week's issue #164 saw Rick forced to accept Negan as an ally for purposes of survival but Michonne, Jesus and others are still scattered outside of Alexandria's walls. With the series' largest herd of zombies surrounding the area and conquering the community within the walls, no one can be ruled "safe" at the moment.

Given the gun in Rick's hand on the cover of issue #167, seen below, one might assume Andrea or another character might be meeting the fate of Andrea from television. A zombie bite can be lead to an inevitable death and reanimation, prompting many to opt for a shot to the head before reanimation.

Adlard took to Twitter to share the first look at the issue's cover which won't hit shelves until May.

The Whisperer War may prove to be deadly, after all. When the six issue arc claimed only Father Gabriel and some lower tier members of Rick's army, fans thought Robert Kirkman may have lead them to believe it would be more impactful than it actually turned out to be. The aftermath, however, has proven to be no joke.

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