Watch 'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale Shocking Death Scene

The Walking Dead killed one of its major characters on Sunday night with a shocking and terrifying sendoff, watchable in the video above.

Spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9x08 follow. Major spoilers!

Sunday night's Mid-Season Nine finale of The Walking Dead would be the final outing for Paul "Jesus" Rovia as a character among the living in the present timeline. In the video above, his shocking final moments are revealed as the Whisperers are introduced.

With Jesus being claimed by the Whisperers, an intense narrative of new villains is introduced while simultaneously satisfying cast member Tom Payne.

"I had even said last season, I was like, 'I mean, 'cause we're having a war, you know, and people aren't dying,'" Payne explained to "I was like, 'There's too many people on the show, you need to kill some people. Kill me, I don't care, just kill some people.' And then, lo and behold, they kill me!

"I was saying that knowing that I would be cool with it. All I care about is the story, and if the story is good, and they do it in the right way, then I don't care. And if I help to tell that story, in a cool, surprising, and shocking way, then I'm down with that, and I think they really did that with the exit. So I'm super happy actually. I loved my beginning on the show, and I loved my ending on the show. The middle was meh, but the end was really cool and I'm really, really happy with that. So, yeah, I think it was kind of a mutual thing."

Read Payne's full exit interview with right here!


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