The Walking Dead Star Samantha Morton Hospitalized

The Walking Dead star Samantha Morton has been hospitalized. The actress shared an update on social media, complete with a photo of herself in the hospital wearing a mask and a message pleading with her fans and followers to do the same. The cause of her hospitalization has not yet been revealed but she seems to be doing well enough to share photos and messages from the hospital. Morton is known well for her role as Alpha on The Walking Dead, a gig she had in the show's ninth and tenth seasons before the character made a brutal exit late in Season 10.

There is no word from Morton or anyone else on whether or not the hospitalization was related to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the call for masks to be worn which would seem to indicate she is hoping others avoid a similar experience. "Thank you to all the A and E staff at the Conquest who helped me tonight," Morton wrote on Twitter. "I'm so grateful for our NHS, to see the red zone first hand and the nurses and doctors being so kind and wonderful to us all was humbling. I'm ok tonight because of them." She took to social media to thank the doctors and medical staff who cared for her.

She also posted a photo of herself in the hospital wearing a mask, with another message of gratitude. Fortunately, Morton says she is "on the mend," and is expecting to make a healthy recovery. Morton exited The Walking Dead in Season 10 but the show rolls into a few more Season 10 episodes later this year. Whether or not the actress will be a part of any flashbacks or other opportunities to appear remains to be seen.


As more information arises about Morton's condition, we will have it for you.