The Walking Dead: Who is Princess?

A new clip from The Walking Dead Episode 10x14 has been released online, revealing a major moment [...]

A new clip from The Walking Dead Episode 10x14 has been released online, revealing a major moment from the episode where a key character from the comics is being introduced. As the story goes, Eugene is eager to head out to West Virginia to meet up with his lady friend Stephanie who he communicated with over the radio. It's a beat similar to that of the comics which ultimately leads to the group arriving at the Commonwealth community. Along the way, the group in the comics (which was different, as it included Siddiq, for example) encountered Princess and now that character is all set to appear on the show.

Princess, seen in the video below, is played by Paola Lazaro on the AMC series. Along their journey, Ezekiel, Eugene, and Yumiko are exploring a new city where they come across some of her chained up and decorated walkers. Ultimately, they come across Princess who is thrilled to see new humans. This is a character who has not had social interaction in quite some time but will become an ally to Team Family in the long run.

In the comics, Princess was first introduced in issue #171. Her real name is Juanita Sanchez and she has been living in Pittsburgh since the world fell apart. Ultimately, she heads to the Commonwealth with Eugene and forms a relationship with one of the community's high-ranking military men. She is often overly enthusiastic and silly, dressed in wild pink and purple colors, and hasn't seen people in so long that she is unsure whether or not her new friends are real or hallucinations. Check out. the clip of her TV. intro below.

In Sunday night's Episode 10x14, Princess is briefly introduced but will remain a factor in next Sunday's Season 10 finale and the standalone Episode 10x16 which will air later this year. Lazaro previously appeared on Lethal Weapon as Gutierrez.

The Walking Dead Episode 10x14 is titled, "Look At The Flowers." The official synopsis for Look At The Flowers reads, "Heroes and villains reckon with the aftermath of the Hilltop fire. Meanwhile, Eugene takes a group on a journey to meet Stephanie, with the hopes of befriending another civilization." The episode is directed by Daisy Mayer on a script from Channing Powell. Of course, the "Look At The Flowers," title is a reference to Carol's unforgettable episode where she had to kill Lizzie as the little girl proved to be dangerous and killed her younger sister.

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