The Walking Dead: Why We Think Sasha Will Die This Season

Since her introduction in season three, Sasha Williams has been a vital character on The Walking Dead. The woman continually shows courage, stepping up when others won't, and she brings in a level of bad-assery that can be lacking at times.

Fans love Sasha through and through, but we don't think she's going to make it out of this season alive.

(Photo: AMC)

As a fan of the show, that may be hard to hear. Sasha is important, and this past episode proved that she was an important leader going forward. That being said, it also showed that she is beginning down a road to her own demise.

Sasha wasn't a comic character, so there isn't an overall basis for her character. However, she has been drawing from multiple comic characters throughout her entire run. These similarities are what will ultimately do her in.

She began taking comic stories when she first appeared. In the books, Tyreese had a daughter with him, not a sister. Their relationship was similar in the first couple of episode, but Sasha quickly proved she could hold her own.

In the more recent seasons, Sasha has taken bits of Andrea's character, since she was killed in season three. In the comics, Andrea was the expert marksman in the group, and Sasha has taken over that role in Alexandria. She hasn't fully become Andrea though, as Michonne is the one in a relationship with Rick.

In season six, Sasha took over the role of Holly from the comics, and this is when her fate became sealed.

In the Kirkman books, Holly is a strong woman in Alexandria. When Rick's group begins to adjust to their lifestyle, she falls for Abraham. Both are strong, forward, personalities, and that gives them a great chemistry. Abraham was still with Rosita, but he began to fall for Holly anyway. This lead to Abraham breaking up with Rosita, and moving in with Holly, before is eventual death.

Sound familiar? This is exactly the route that Sasha has taken over the last two seasons, and her attitude is playing into Holly's future storyline. See, after Abraham is killed, Holly wanted to help take out Negan and his Saviors. To do this, she sacrifices herself to help Rick's attack on the Sanctuary.

Holly drives a car through the gate of Sanctuary, thinking the accident would kill her, or she would get shot. Neither happens, and Negan takes her hostage, turns her into a zombie, and sends her back to Rick. This ends up getting another character killed, as Holly bites them.

Sasha demonstrated quite the sacrificial attitude during last Sunday's episode. When Gregory tries to send Maggie away, Sasha offers to take her place. She claims she will go out, on her own, if Maggie can stay.

In the season premiere, she made peace with Rosita, with the intention of going after Negan. Sasha wants the villain dead more than anyone, she's just staying calm enough to plan it out. This is why she sends Jesus to find Sanctuary at the end of last week's episode.

If there's an opportunity to kill Negan, Sasha will take it. Even if it costs her her life, she will do whatever it takes.


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