Agents of SHIELD: Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker Talk FitzSimmons’ Ending

Agents of SHIELD has officially come to an end and one longstanding question was answered: Would FitzSimmons finally get the happy ending they deserved? After being gone for the majority of the final season, Iain De Caestecker finally returned to play Fitz for the show's final three episodes. After last week, fans were concerned that the character might be dead, but the first half of tonight's two-part series finale confirmed he was alive and well. After returning to their original timeline and defeating the Chronicoms and Malick, it's revealed that before Simmons met up with the team at the temple in the season six finale, she and Fitz lived together for years and had a daughter named Alya. After their successful final mission, the show jumps to a year later and reveals that Fitz and Jemma have both retired. During a recent round of interviews with the cast, both Elizabeth Henstridge and De Caestecker talked about their characters' long-awaited happy ending.

"I mean, we've been ripped apart so many times and so many tragedies have happened and I think, you kind of talk about earning moments of happiness for them," Henstridge explained. "And I think they definitely earned that happy ending and it's also nice that they're kind of ... they still have that conflict between them of Simmons wanting to... it's like sneakily staying in the game a little bit and he's completely checked out for a while. It's nice that they've got the happily ever after, but they still have that classic bicker bickering and you know, they're not perfect."

They also spoke about the casting of their daughter.

"I'll just quickly say it, Elizabeth was really great in that scene," De Caestecker said of Jemma's reunion with Alya. "There's the last scene with her ... because that little girl was American and she was what? What age was she? Four? Five? She was American and she was doing a British accent, which is really incredible for someone of that age. But she was also, as a younger ... this is to kind of back up a little [to Henstridge's] directing skills, but she's a younger girl, and it was hard to keep her concentration a little bit, and Elizabeth was really good in that last scene. I remember she would kind of repeat lines to her, and she would say them back, but it came out really well."

Executive Producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen also spoke about FitzSimmons' end. “We always knew we wanted Fitz and Simmons to retire and have a happy ending,” Whedon shared.

He added, "One of the things that was difficult for us is we have separated them a lot. They are what we would call in our business a 'forever love', and we knew that early on, and so the only thing you can do with a 'forever love' is make it hard for them to be together. So, we had already done that."

"They get a super happy ending and a big reward. But also that for him, actually, no time passed, that she had that adventure and that for him, it was just a moment. He actually didn't miss anything in his mind. So, that was how we justified it to ourselves in the writer's room," Tancharoen added when discussing having to write most of the final season without De Caestecker.


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The first six seasons of Agents of SHIELD are currently streaming on Netflix, and the series finale will be available to watch on Hulu starting Thursday, August 13th.