Agents of SHIELD Sees Another Major Team Death

The sixth episode of Agents of SHIELD's final season, "Adapt or Die," was definitely one of the most intense of the season so far. Between trying to fix the Zephyr, saving Mack's parents from The Lighthouse, and Malick's attempt to steal Daisy's powers, we were on the edge of our seat the entire time. Another big portion of the episode followed May and Coulson as they dealt with General Rick Stoner at The Lighthouse. Once May's new powers alert her to the fact that some of the SHIELD agents on the base are Chronicoms, Coulson finds a way to communicate with their seer.

Coulson uses one of the Chronicom's machines to converse with their seer, Sibyl, who explains that the Chronicoms are attempting to take over Earth because they believe they are more worthy since they're a species that doesn't typically die. Coulson argues that humans' willingness to sacrifice themselves for each other when time is limited is what makes people special, and he shares that dying is "kind of [his] superpower." In fact, Coulson then blows himself up in order to take out the Chronicoms in The Lighthouse. This marks Coulson's... third? fourth? death. It's hard to keep track!

While Coulson may have died AGAIN, have no fear, because he'll surely be back. The character is now an LMD with advanced Chronicom technology, which means Jemma will be able to build another version of him. We only hope that his memories are up to date because we'd hate for Coulson the history buff to forget all of the cool stuff he's seen over the past few episodes.

One great thing about Coulson's latest death is that it gives Philinda shippers some hope. May has been pretty cold towards LMD Coulson, which has a lot to do with the fact that she can't feel her own emotions, but this episode saw May getting angry at Coulson when discussing how she doesn't plan to mourn him again, especially since he's a "decoy with a simulated personality" (ouch). Coulson replied, "Thank you! There she is! Don't look now, but your emotions are coming back... Unless you just picked that up from watching me." Either way, emotions are flying between these two "robots" and when May told the team Coulson was gone at the end of the episode, she also reassured them, "He'll come back. Always does."


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