Agent of SHIELD: New Clip Shows the Zephyr in Danger

Last week's Agents of SHIELD episode left fans with a lot of questions as the team traveled to 1973 and 1976 to stop the launch of Project Insight nearly 40 years ahead of schedule. Mack made the tough decision to abort the plans to flood the SHIELD base in order to save his parents. He was still able to stop Project Insight in the air, but that gave away the team's position. Based on a new clip shared by SYFY Wire, which you can watch in the video above, things aren't looking too good for the folks in the Zephyr.

As you can see, the clip from "Adapt or Die" shows May and Coulson in The Lighthouse as General Stoner loses control of the base. It appears the Chronicoms have infiltrated the system, which means Stoner is unable to stop the missiles headed for the Zephyr. The ship takes some intense damage, leaving Mack, Yo-Yo, Jemma, Deke, and Enoch in a scary position. You may have also noticed GLOW's Shakira Barrera in the clip. This is a fun little addition considering her character on the Netflix series is named Yo-Yo. You can read a description for "Adapt or Die" below:

"The stakes are higher than ever when, after blowing their cover and damaging the Zephyr in the process, the team must scramble to rescue Mack’s parents, save S.H.I.E.L.D. from a Chronicom infestation, and fix the ship… all before the next time-jump. Meanwhile, Daisy and Sousa find themselves at a disadvantage against a power-hungry Nathaniel Malick and his goons, and Coulson will have to do the thing he does best in order to save the future."

Last week's episode also saw Nathanial Malick making a very unsettling phone call after kidnapping Daisy and Sousa. It appears he's trying to learn how to steal Daisy's powers through surgery from Doctor Whitehall. While it hasn't happened yet, Whitehall did succeed in using Daisy's mother's powers to make himself younger in the 1980s. You can check out some photos from "Adapt or Die" featuring Malick's misdeeds here.

Agents of SHIELD airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 PM EST.

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