'The Big Bang Theory' Star Doing "Better" After Breakup

After going through a particularly tough breakup right before the holidays, The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik seems to be doing a bit better.

On Christmas Day, Bialik posted an update to her Instagram account, letting everyone know she was on the up-and-up.

"Better this morning," Bialik said. "Couch more comfortable with blanket as substitute sheet. New earrings by my friend's daughter Iris cheered me up. Cat on meds for kidney infection and hopefully he will be better soon. Heading to a movie and Chinese food. Like we do....Merry Christmas, everyone!"

This post came just about a day after Bialik let fans know she was struggling with the whole breakup.

On Christmas Eve, the actress took to Instagram to say that she was having a hard time, not just with the breakup, but also with her cats.

"The government is in a shutdown, it's Christmas Eve day, I'm newly single and not doing so well to be quite honest," Bialik wrote. "But the most pressing issue right now is that my cats - after 2 years together - have started a dominance war that involves urine and feces. Long story short my bed is not able to be slept in and I'm sleeping on my couch. Just keeping you update as to my life here."

Fortunately, it looks like some quality time with loved ones helped pick up Bialik's spirits.


Bialik can be seen in the final season of The Big Bang Theory, which returns to CBS next month.