'The Big Bang Theory' Showrunner Teases Exciting Final Moment to the Series

Tonight marks the beginning of the end for The Big Bang Theory. The long-running CBS comedy's twelfth and final season kicks off this evening and as things begin to turn towards the ultimate finale, showrunner Steve Holland is teasing a bit about what fans can expect from the series' end and its final moment.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Holland explained that while the final episode has not yet been written, given the nature of The Big Bang Theory, the last moment will probably be a happy one and it's one that he's excited about.

"We were actually just talking about it yesterday, so we don't know the whole thing but there is a sort of shape to it and a final moment that I'm really excited by…," Holland said. "It's hard not to get emotional in the room when you start talking about these characters and where you want to leave them, of writing for them and pouring stories from our lives into them. It's an emotional thing to start talking about saying goodbye."

Holland also said that ultimately, they just want to wrap the series up in a way that is true to the characters, a task that he said is very important if not stressful for those working on the show.

"I don't know if there's been another show in season 12 that has stayed as strong as I think this show has stayed," Holland said. "So we want to deliver a fun and great Big Bang season and that ending is really important to us. To find a way to end it that feels satisfying, true to these characters, memorable and surprising is really important -- and stressful."

While Holland didn't have any specifics about the finale, some of the show's cast have shared what they want out of the final season. Specifically, Kaley Cuoco recently told The Talk that she just wants two things -- to know Penny's last name and for the elevator to be fixed -- but that's one thing that Holland seemed to think might not happen at all.

"I don't think we will," Holland said. "It was never an intentional thing, honestly. At first, it was that we just hadn't mentioned it and then we realized that we hadn't mentioned it and then it became just a sort of superstition. I think it just won't sound right."


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The Big Bang Theory airs Monday nights at 8/7c on CBS.