Big Mouth Season 3 Is Now Live On Netflix

Big Mouth Season 3 is available to stream on Netflix at last, and the binge-watching is already underway. The animated comedy had a huge launch at New York Comic Con on Thursday night, and now the whole world can watch.

Big Mouth is one of Netflix's strangest successes to date. The series follows a group of young teenagers through a fantastical depiction of puberty, loosely based on the real lives of co-creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Golberg. After a year-long wait, the highly-anticipated third season arrived on Netflix on Friday.

So far, Big Mouth Season 3 is as big as hit as earlier installments. This time around, the series turns a bit more toward current-day issues, including cell phones, Adderall addiction and how the internet is effecting young peoples' socialization from the start.

Kroll, Goldberg and some of the other cast and crew attended a main stage panel at NYCC on Thursday night. The event began with a screening of a new episode -- Season 3, Episode 5, "Florida." After that, they came out on stage for a wide-ranging discussion on the show's creation with plenty of room for Q&A.

The panel also featured a few exclusive clips for fans, including a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Big Mouth's crossover with Queer Eye. They also showed snippets from other episodes in Season 3.

Before they even dive in, Big Mouth fans will be glad to see that the new season includes more episodes than ever. where previous seasons consisted of eight episodes each, this one has a grand total of 11. To be fair, the first one is the Valentine's Day special, which was released on its own back in February, but even with that in mind this is the most episodes fans have ever gotten all at once.


Big Mouth got the royal treatment at Netflix this season when it was renewed for a three-season deal. This came in the midst of a year when the streaming service was cutting shows left and right, and while fans were excited, some wondered why Netflix couldn't have saved some resources for other productions.

If that weren't enough, Kroll announced a Big Mouth spinoff series at NYCC this weekend. The comedian said that a new series called Human Resources is on the way, based on the weird world of monsters that fans saw at the end of Season 2. It is the workplace of Hormone Monsters, Shame Wizards, Depression Kitties and all the rest. Big Mouth Season 3 will introduce fans to even more of them before Human Resources premieres.