Big Mouth Season 4 Trailer Reveals Netflix Release Date

Big Mouth season 4's trailer has been released by Netflix, and it reveals that the new season will drop on December 4th. You can watch the trailer for Big Mouth season 4 up above. That's almost an exact year since the second half of season 3 dropped, thankfully marking Big Mouth as one of the rare exceptions when it comes to series that have been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As you can see in the trailer, Big Mouth season 4 will be continuing the series' twisted take on growing pains, with the new season covering topics like camp, summer love, horrors of puberty, and of course, anxiety.

If you haven't been on the Big Mouth train, then 2020 and its sparse content offerings may be a good time to start. The series is a ficitional imagining of comedian Nick Kroll's (The League) youth in suburban New York, and his take on puberty and coming-of-age in a "frank" or "raunchy" way. Kroll created the series with Andrew Goldberg (Family Guy) and writer/director team Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett. The series has just earned acclaim in addition to its fan popularity, after winning some 2020 Primetime Emmy Awards after several years of nominations (Oustanding Character Voice-Over Performance for Maya Rudolph; Oustanding Derivative Interactive Program for Big Mouth Guide to Life). In short: Big Mouth has been a breakthrough hit for Netflix. Season 3 ended with Nick and his gang largely falling out, making for a nice new status quo to start season 4.

Big Mouth Season 4 Trailer Netflix
(Photo: Netflix)

Hopefully, the show will use the fresh space to get back to a balance of wit and insight, instead of more scattered themes and overindulgence in raunch. As we said about Big Mouth season 3 in our review:

"Big Mouth’s new season is fine, with some flashes of brilliance, and it’s hard to actually dislike the show’s new episodes. The problem is that it feels like sometimes Big Mouth isn’t entirely sure which boundaries to push, and so pushes all of them simultaneously, and it’s a bit much for a show that’s already, as a brand, a bit much. If you’re a fan of the previous seasons of Big Mouth, this is more of the same, but it left me a bit cold compared to its more ambitious second season."

Big Mouth season 4 premieres on Netflix starting on December 4th.